Meet our staff!


Meet Dr. Rupert



Dr. Teresa C. Rupert is a graduate of the

University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine,

and has known since childhood that she wanted

to become a veterinarian.


She has been working at veterinary practices since

she was 15 years old. Both her grandfather,

Robert Volgenau, and her great-grandfather,

Earnest Volgenau, were veterinarians in Buffalo.


Dr Rupert has helped animals at veterinary practices

in Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York and

Overseas in Scotland, Germany and Japan.




Meet Amanda


Amanda is our veterinary technician and a graduate of

SUNY Canton.  She assists the doctor in surgery,

is responsible for overseeing the lab work and medications,

and will usually start off your pet visit by getting a history

of your pet’s condition. A native of Grand Island, she shares

her home with her boyfriend and her cat Peter.



Meet Amber

Amber is our veterinary assistant receptionist. She lives

on a farm in Lockport and has grown up with many

animals.  Her family still raises beef cattle and she has

a terrier  named Trey. She loves greeting all of the loveable

fuzzy patients we enjoy seeing every day.

Meet Melissa

Melissa is our veterinary assistant - she loves to give hugs

and help hold onto your pet during your veterinary visit.

She has many talents, having worked at some of the finest

restaurants in Buffalo as a chef. She currently shares her

home with her son, and two dogs, Lucy and Jake.





Meet Chicken Leg



Chickenleg is our hospital cat and mascot. She

likes to greet clients and can usually be seen

hanging around the front desk.  She spends

afternoons sitting in the ‘In box’ on the doctors

desk so that she can keep an eye on the front doorway  



Meet Becky



Becky was our student intern for several years but this

year she graduated from the Cornell School of Veterinary

Medicine. She will be attending the University of Calfornia,

Davis for the next few years as a resident in radiology.

A Grand Island native- we enjoy watching her start her

career in veterinary medicine.